The Story of Army Combat Ribbon

The Story of Army Combat Ribbon

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The United States Army is the oldest branch of the military and the soldiers are committed to protecting and serving their country and its people. At Medals of America, we recognize the great achievements of the U.S. Army branch members and seek to honor them by providing high-quality Army ribbons. The U.S. Army awards ribbons to recognize the achievements of their service members throughout their careers. As active-duty members continue their service, their ribbon count grows, becoming an impressive stack of colorful achievements that can be worn proudly on a uniform or displayed with reverence in a commemorative display case. 

Medals of America has a wide variety of Army ribbons in our collection. Proudly displaying your Army service ribbon on your uniform has never been easier with our selection of Army ribbon accessories. We offer ribbon racks and holding bars to keep your U.S. Army ribbons securely attached to your uniform. Some of our products include Mil-Thin™ racks and slide-on ribbons. We also carry miniature ribbons that are ideal for civilian clothing so you can continue to display your career achievements while off-duty. 

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To ensure the authenticity and quality craftsmanship of our products, we are proud to employ a team of knowledgeable military veterans on our staff who check every order before it is shipped. Medals of America offers a wide range of high-quality service ribbons, including the Army good conduct ribbon and Army overseas service ribbon, as well as ribbon attachments so you can display your service achievements and recognition with pride.